Who we are

In 2020 the wholesale Namastemood was born!

Following numerous requests, we have created a direct, intuitive site dedicated to shopkeepers and merchants who wish to access our catalog of ethnic-chic clothing, jewels and accessories.

We know how much passion and energy you put into your work every day, because it is the engine that also drives our team!

The Namastemood project was born from a trip to India and Middle East Asia and from the dream of bringing and spreading oriental lifestyle, history, colors and traditions in all of our lives, without forgetting our roots.

In fact, in Namastemood you will find producers and direct importers: the managers of our team travel to Asia several times a year. Here, they look for the best and most valuable materials, as natural as possible, while remaining in a price range that makes our products accessible to all.

We then carefully design and choose the models and patterns of each of our garments: for this reason, in Namastemood you will find unique dresses and many new items every year.

Photo of a dressmaking workbench, with roll of logo labels, red tape measure, and silk remnants.

By collaborating with local Fair Trade and family businesses, we also contribute to the development of the local economy.

To our shopkeepers, we offer attentive and helpful Customer Care, as well as special services, such as:

  • possibility to place orders online and autonomously in fast fashion and with no minimum order,
  • orders for items not available in stock, by contacting our sales representative,
  • possibility to request customizations,
  • access to reserved products such as packs of 10, bundles of dresses in mixed colors, made from Sarees (with unique patterns) at an even cheaper price.

Our Team is at work to bring you lots of news and exclusive services, stay tuned!